Electric Perspectives

029 Electric Perspectives: Investing in a Resilient, Hardened Energy Grid

January 13, 2022

The reliability and resilience of the nation's energy grid are top priorities for the electric power industry. As the frequency and intensity of storms, wildfires, and other extreme weather events continue to increase, and as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, increasing capital investment in adaptation, hardening, and resilience is vital.

On today's episode, we'll hear from Richard McMahon, EEI’s senior vice president of Energy Supply and Finance, who will open the conversation by highlighting the types of investments EEI’s member companies are making in adaptation, hardening, and resilience. Then, we'll hear from Jim Schaefer, senior managing director at Guggenheim Partners; Maria Rigatti, executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer at Edison International; and Drew Marsh, executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer at Entergy Corporation, who all joined us this past fall for this conversation.

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