Electric Perspectives

037 Electric Perspectives: What’s Next for the Carbon-Free Technology Initiative?

April 15, 2022

In February 2021, EEI and its members worked with industry leaders and leading environmental groups to launch the Carbon-Free Technology Initiative (CFTI). The primary goal of CFTI is to identify and advocate for specific policies that can help to ensure the commercial availability of key technologies, so that they can be deployed in a timely manner to achieve net-zero emissions in the U.S. electric power sector and to ensure electricity remains affordable and reliable.

In this episode, Jeff Lyng, area vice president of energy and sustainability policy at Xcel Energy, and Eric Holdsworth, managing director of clean energy and environmental policy at the Edison Electric Institute, reflect on the progress of CFTI’s policy and funding goals and discuss what comes next. Learn more about CFTI at carbonfreetech.org.

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