Electric Perspectives

049 Electric Perspectives: Celebrating Electric Vehicles

September 23, 2022
This week is National Drive Electric Week, and we are highlighting the substantial investments that America’s electric companies are making to accelerate the electrification of transportation and the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Kellen Schefter, EEI senior director of Electric Transportation, is joined by Scott Barrios, Entergy manager of Business Development, and Aki Marceau, Hawaiian Electric Electrification of Transportation director, to discuss their efforts to install EV fast chargers, how they are making switching to EVs easier for customers, how EVs play into our clean energy transition, and more.

Be sure to visit theelectricgeneration.org, EEI's newly relaunched site that showcases stories of how the National Electric Highway Coalition members are deploying EV fast chargers across the country and making progress on their goals. 

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